The Best Ways to Improve Your Squats and Make Them More Challenging


The squat is executed broadly and usually thought of as one of the most advantageous compound exercises to do. This workout utilizes various groups of muscles through numerous joint movements. In fact, studies have found that it stimulates the release of human growth hormones and free testosterone in your body. That said, you should endeavor to incorporate various kinds of squats if you desire to gain muscle and strength. The following are a dozen unique variations of squats for you to integrate into your existing workout.

Single-leg bench squats

With your back towards it, stand approximately 1 meter away from a bench.

Your back should be aligned straight and your hands placed on your hips. Place the top of your left foot on the bench. Lower your body with your right knee bent until your left knee almost reaches the ground. Return to your starting position slowly and repeat for 15 reps.

Switch sides and begin again. Hold a dumbbell by your sides to intensify this exercise.


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