8 Exercises To Tone Up Outer Thighs


You are eating healthy, working on a low caloric intake to help with weight loss, and consistently working out, complete with cardio and strength training, which give you the full package of fat loss exercise and muscle building work. And yet, your thighs, particularly the outside of your thighs, continue to be an aggravating and frustrating area. The good news is that are specific exercises that will target this area that you can add to your workouts.

Reclined Heel Bend

This is a simple exercise that will work your outer thigh area, but also will require your core to be actively working as well. Sharon Fable, Anytime Fitness certified professional trainer and director of exercise programming, designed this move.
You will be on your back, lying on the floor.
Lift your legs up, pointing towards the sky, in line with your hips. Keep your feet together and bend your feet so your toes are pointing back at you.
Turn the toes out to the side while turning the entire leg, rotating it with heels together. This is also known as first position in ballet.
While you keep your heels touching, bend your knees, opening your knees until you have made a diamond shape with your legs. Hold this position for two to three seconds carefully.
Then slowly extend your legs, your feet going back up towards the sky as your legs become straight again.

Butterfly Bridges

This exercise not only works the inside and outside of the thigh, but also the muscles of your rear.
You will be on your back, lying on the floor.
Focus on your feet. You will bring your feet together, so the soles of your feet are touching. You will feel it in your thighs and less in your hamstrings than you would in a typical bridge movement.
Press your hips upward as you would in a typical bridge motion
20 repetitions of this are recommended.

Seated Hip Abduction

Abduct means to open. At your fitness center you will want to find the lever machine where you can sit and do this exercise. You will use the padded apparatus to give pressure against the movement as you open your legs while sitting.
Choose what weight level you want to work at and set the resistance level in the weights. You will want to be seated so the pads are against the outsides of your legs.
Push your legs apart as far as you can then slowly move them back together.
You will want to break this exercise up into two or three sets, and each set should have eight to twelve repetitions for the best benefit.

Fire Hydrant

Want to work both the inside and outside of your thighs? This one will do the trick, as well as working your core, arms and rear. You can use bands, or weights with this exercise but it isn’t required.
Position yourself on your hands and knees.
Lift your left leg out to the side as high as you can
Hold it briefly and then return to starting position slowly.
As you do this, be sure to maintain a flat back, and hold your core securely.
Repeat with other leg.

Lateral Lunge with Kick

Start by standing with your feet in a wide stance.
Right foot takes a large step out to the side. And bend the knee to 90 degrees or even lower to the floor for a side lunge.
Press off with right foot, bringing knee up as you come back to placing your weight on your left leg.
Kick right leg straight out to the side. Don’t touch the floor in between!
Then bring the right foot down into your starting position.
Do this for 30 seconds, then switch sides and repeat with the left leg for 30 seconds.

Banded Squat Walks

You will strengthen the muscles in your legs, which will also give you the strength around the knee that will help to prevent knee pain. You will need a light to medium resistance band for this.
While standing, place band around your thighs, just a bit ahead of your knees.
Slowly squat, about a half squat, commonly referred to as an “athletic squat”.
In this position take two steps the the right
Same position take two steps to the left.
Repeat for reps.

Then place the band around your ankles and slowly squat to the previous position.
Your feet will need to be about shoulder width apart with toes forward or a bit pointed to the side.
Take a step to one side with your upper body remaining straight upright.
Repeat for other leg.
Repeat for reps.

Resistance Band Clamshell

The bands will help to make the littler muscles in your thighs work more and will really shape your legs.
Lay down on the floor, knees bent, feet flat on floor. Place resistance band around your knees.
Slowly lift one knee, keeping the resting leg’s foot placed firmly on the floor.
Try to lift the knee about twelve inches. Then slowly return to resting position.
Then do the same but with the other leg and repeat.
Choose how many repetitions you can do.

Elbow Plank with Leg Lift

This is doing a side plank and adding a leg lift to not only engage your core but your outer leg.
Right elbow placed on the ground, feet and body straight in a line, doing a side plank. You will be using your right foot (side) to balance. Keep both feet flexed, left hand on top hip.
Keep your pelvis high throughout the exercise, which can be challenging.
Lift your left leg, just above the level of your hip.
Slowly lower back to other leg.
The trick is keeping your body straight, which will use your core muscles to keep your spine straight. It may be difficult, but don’t sink down onto the shoulder toward the ground.
Repeat with other leg by switching sides.


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