6 Standing Abs Exercises You Can Do Anywhere


Through the years, we have seen some amazing advances in both equipment in the fitness industry and the knowledge that we have on such a topic. Thanks to science, we know how important it is to stay in good shape and the new equipment and exercises are allowing us to do exactly that. Despite this, many still believe that crunches are the only way to sculpt the abs.
In truth, there are many different ways and we have some advice for you today - standing exercises. Whilst standing, more muscles can be engaged at the same time, you can burn more calories, and postural support will improve. With no equipment necessary and very little space required, we have six exercises to target the obliques, lower abs, upper abs, and more. For each exercise, we have noted the recommended reps and this should be repeated in three sets for your workout.

Standing Bicycle (20 reps)

Perhaps a little more simple, stand with your feet together and a slight bend in the knee. After putting your hands behind your head, lift your right heel and bring the abs in tight. When ready, bring the right knee up whilst pushing the left shoulder down to meet. Again, make sure that you work both sides.

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